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colchester cctv installation

CCTV Installations Help Colchester Homeowners Keep Scumbags Off Their Streets

Over 112,000 people live in the Colchester area and the stats say that scumbag burglars have made life miserable for a large number of them!

In the first 7 months of 2018, 495 burglaries were reported - UK Crime Stats for Colchester.

But YOU HAVE THE POWER to stop your home and family from becoming one of those stats!

You can prevent scumbags from invading your home and stealing your stuff!

Take Back Control

With a professionally-installed CCTV system, you dramatically reduce the risk of your family becoming a victim. Imagine the mental trauma of having an intruder:

  1. ransack your home;
  2. rifle through your belongings; and
  3. steal not only your most precious possessions but your sense of security in your own home.

Now, more than ever, Colchester's homeowners are turning to CCTV cameras to keep a watchful eye on their property. The good news is that the installation of an HD domestic CCTV system is now affordable for most household incomes.

But great value doesn't mean that you lose out on cutting edge technology.

MTS Make Security Simple, Safe and Smart

When faced with a small budget, other security installers will encourage you to buy cheap cameras. These don't record quality images and quickly become obsolete. 

MTS recommend that you invest in an affordable home CCTV system that doesn't compromise quality.

Did you know that only high res HD cameras record images that can be used for a successful Police prosecution? You do now, so you know what to ask for!

Why you should choose MTS to supply & fit your Home CCTV

  • We've got you covered - cameras on duty inside and outside your home 24/7
  • Never miss a thing - view your home's CCTV footage from your Smartphone - any time, any where
  • Installed and configured by experts - avoid common gotchas - blocked view, interference, fuzzy images
  • Police Prosecution - top quality images from your Hi Res, HD CCTV Cameras  
  • Training on how to use your camera system and Smartphone app
  • No need to start again - easily add extra cameras in the future as and when required.