If the answer is 'Yes', call today to take back control with your smart phone

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Smart Burglar Alarms Give Chelmsford Homeowners The Power To Fight Back Against Scumbags

Back in 2013, the stats recorded over 107,000 people living in Chelmsford. However, the refurbishment of old City centre office blocks like Rosebery House and the building of new housing developments like Beaulieu, Aspyre and Coval Lane, means Chelmsford's population is growing rapidly.

It's a glorious city with leisure opportunities to suit all tastes - from shopping to a bustling nightlife plus two parks (Central and Hylands) and the Chelmer and Blackwater conservation area.

However, that popularity comes at a cost with Chelmsford becoming attractive to less desirable visitors as well. The crime stats show that there were 704 burglaries between September 2017 and August 2018. Worryingly, the August figure hit 100!

Local Facebook groups have been full of complaints about scumbags stealing stuff and everyone is keen to take back control! 

And now you can!

Don't be a Chelmsford burglary statistic! Get an alarm!

MTS Make Security as Simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. A Home Burglar Alarm that you can control from your mobile from just £480
  2. View your home from your smartphone with a free indoor CCTV camera
  3. Keep your system in tip top condition with an affordable monthly maintenance contract

And remember, this is not a cheap system that you have to throw away if you need to extend your protection. Just tell us how many additional PIRs or cameras you need and we can give you a quote to expand your existing home alarm.